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Is GetLinked Right for My Company?

There’s one thing you feel for sure, and right now it’s decision fatigue. Yowza! You’ve spent quite a lot of time researching financial integration systems, and your head is spinning. You created a mile-long spreadsheet that you’re having trouble even reading at this point, and you’re just about to throw your hands up in exasperation and pause the process altogether.

We get it.

We speak with so many potential customers who wasted months or years searching for a solution that would solve their needs. Yet, the solutions offered to them always seem to come up short. Either the price is too high because they had to buy into systems offering them way too many tools they wouldn’t even use, or they find themselves piecemealing different fixes from multiple programs that don’t interface well with each other — which then creates even more headaches as they have to sort out both short- and long-term fixes to those new problems.

And then, when it seems like they’ve come to the conclusion that nothing will solve their problems, customers will either be referred to us  through a colleague who is already utilizing our software, or they find us by Googling about their immediate needs.

Welcome — if that’s you, we’re glad to have you here.
We listen to these consumers’ struggles about their current needs, as well as their frustrations over their long search for a solution — issues you’re probably grappling with right now —, and time after time, prospects who become customers after talking with us or testing out a trial of our software come back to us saying: “You’re the best kept secret!”

If you’re wondering whether GetLinked is right for your company, you’ve come to the right place. We serve customers from all sizes — small companies with only a few locations to large organizations with many sites — and from various industries , such as restaurants, hotels, health and fitness clubs, accounting firms, and more.

Here, we’ll explain the two different types of customers who greatly benefit from the software and services offered, regardless of their company size or industry served.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Customer

Are you someone confident utilizing technology and consider yourself a do-it-yourself type or person or organization? Great! You’ll fit right in here at GetLinked. So many of our customers are willing to research and implement our software on their own.

Some of our customers who fit into this category have previously tried to develop integrations themselves  or used other various financial integration products or services in the past. Others may have worked one-on-one with knowledgeable accountants to manage their needs until now, have a skilled IT staff who are excited about and skilled with implementing new tech, or they may be franchise owners with experience in integrations altogether.

One reason our DIY customers like working with GetLinked in particular is the access they have to our knowledge-based helpdesk. They’ll read through our content, learn about the products, and purchase and implement the product completely on their own.

And even though the DIYer likes to be hands on, one thing our customers tell us they appreciate is the option to purchase technical support hours or bundles to either accelerate the implementation process with our seasoned and knowledgeable technicians or get assistance with unique issues particular to their own organization, such as advice on firewalls for polling data or many other individualized questions.  They are not locked into a long-term support contract.

The Customer Who Wants Red Carpet Service

Pssst….Did you read what we shared above with dread?  Don’t worry! If the idea of DIYing makes you sweat, we can roll out the red carpet and handle all of this for you. Kick back your feet, and let us do all the work.

So many of our customers understand the value of our knowledge, especially the thousands of systems-related details. We have intricate knowledge of the industries we serve, and after being in business for almost 40 years, we know the exact needs of our customers and how to save our customers’ time, money, and headaches.

Consumers who want the red carpet service will get it from us! These customers want more and are willing to pay for the added value of us personally explaining the industry, processes, products available  and the benefits of financial accounting integration.

If you want to achieve the fastest and most efficient implementation possible, our hands-on offering is perfect for you. Consultation and technical support time is sold on an hourly basis or by bundling hours for a discount at our online support store.

Whether you’re the DIYer ready to roll up your sleeves and set up GetLinked software in your organization or you’d like us to roll out the red carpet and make your implementation seamless, know you’ll be right at home when you work with us. Learn more about our software  or purchase the modules you need at our store.

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6 Modules That Custom-fit Your Financial Software to You

Remember the last time you bought a good pair of jeans? Not necessarily designer denim, but a pair that met all your criteria: perfect fit, remarkable comfort, and a look you could dress up or down as you pleased. Can you picture it?

What made those jeans so special? It’s not that you had found the one brand that had discovered the “universal fit” for clothing that everyone could wear so well. Rather, it’s because the measurements of your jeans are perfectly matched to your frame.

With so many people in the world, we need to have many different fits and cuts of clothing. The same is true of businesses: With sizes and functions ranging from small, local shops to large national franchises to corporate headquarters and everything between, it only makes sense that you’d need different iterations of financial software to find your perfect fit.

The fact is this: All too often, businesses look for systems that do everything—full stop. The result? An overpowered, overpriced system jam-packed with unusable features.

GetLinked knows that smart financial investments are key to success in difficult times. We hear you when you say you don’t need big software packages with all the bells and whistles; you need a modular system that you can customize to your integration needs. That’s why we offer our customers six modules that cover their various financial needs — and let you, the experts, make the right choices.

What are GetLinked’s six modules? Take a look:

1. For Daily Sales: POSLink
Through POSLink, you can transfer your sales transactions, discounts, taxes, paid-outs, tenders, and more directly into your financial system.

2. For Payroll/Time and Attendance: PRLink
Do your employees work on a punch-in, punch-out, time-clock system? If so, you’ll want to take a look at PRLink. It’s a time and attendance module that shares types, time cards, and other such employee data with your payroll service provider or financial system.

3. For Accounts Payable: APLink
With this module, you can electronically transfer vouchers straight into your financial system from your purchasing system. But the benefits don’t end there. APLink can handle vendor translation, mass entry, and account translations per voucher — all for you.

4. For Accounts Receivable: ARLink
ARLink transfers summary invoices from your billing system into your financial system with ease. After that, you’ve got the power to print and send statements to your customers and customers while controlling mass invoice entry, account translations per invoice, and customer translations. .

5. For General Ledger: GLLink
Let the GLLink module help you import financial journal information into your general ledger. From systems ranging from text files and spreadsheets to payroll service providers, GLLink can integrate and take over this task.

6. For Bank Reconciliation: BRLink
Start looking forward to the end of the month with BRLink–our module that enables you to import deposit information from your point-of-sale system into your bank reconciliation or checkbook with ease.

You wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans that didn’t fit. So why treat your business any different? Get customized solutions with GetLinked, and you can start each workday off with cool, casual style.

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5 Reasons to Love GetLinked

“Love” means many different things to different people. We love our pets and our favorite teams. We may adore a particular book or movie. Most of us are head-over-heels crazy about Fridays and the weekends. Whatever the object of our affection may be, we know it’s love, and it needs no substitute.

Yes, as people, we have a lot to wax poetic about — and typically, financial software doesn’t make it to the top of that list. Why? Simply put, when your financial software is working for you, you barely think about it! Instead, your time is free to spend with the people, places, and things you love most. At GetLinked, that’s our goal: To ensure our software works hard so you can spend your time where it counts.

We asked our customers for their insight on our products. Here’s what they said about the reasons they love GetLinked the most.

1. We’ve got our feet on the ground and our software in the cloud

GetLinked developed cloud-friendly software that enables you to log in and work from wherever you are. And because we integrate with a wide range of systems — including, but not at all limited to QuickBooks Online and Intacct — we’re able to save you time and spare duplicate data entry. Whether you’re using GetLinked via a private cloud for your company use, or a public one as SaaS, just say the word and we’re there.

2. We’ll automate tedious tasks so you can focus on the big picture

You know the feeling: You have projects to address, colleagues need your collaboration — but you’re stuck in daily journal entries. GetLinked customers say that they appreciate the ability to schedule tasks and have them run automatically at the date and time of their choosing. Through automation, our customers take back their time in the workplace and beyond.

3. It’s easy to integrate with your current systems (Yes, really!)

Getlinked connects to over 1300 point-of-sale (POS) systems, financial systems, and time clocks–not to mention over 100 payroll service providers. Our customers are always surprised that with a single click, they can import and transfer all data for multiple locations and date ranges.

Our happy customers tell us they love how seamlessly we integrate with their current systems: There’s no need to change the terms currently used in existing POS or financial systems, because GetLinked adapts for you!

4. We make sure your data is accurate

GetLinked reduces accounting mistakes because it takes out opportunities for human error. Our customers use GetLinked to verify account numbers, and they sleep easily knowing their transactions will balance.

GetLinked also provides exception reports that highlight missing deposits, transactions that are out of balance, and other problems so customers can tackle them right away.

5. We’re good for your budget

Among our customers’ favorite features of GetLinked is our cost and the ability to sign on for an annual subscription . GetLinked’s solutions are less expensive than a bookkeeper, ensuring your business ends up with a functional system integration like none other.

Good financial integration software should be so seamless you almost forget it’s happening. You can trust your data with GetLinked and put more of your heart and soul into the things you love most.


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Got Friends? Get Paid: Join the GetLinked Referral Program

Two weeks ago, you got a text from one of your close friends: “Hey. Do you like your computer?”.

After nearly a year of remote work, you’ve become well acquainted with your computer — and it’s great. You’re happy to talk to your friend about your experience and share the features you love about it. After some back and forth, your friend thanks you; a few days later, she buys the same brand.

If you’ve ever referred a product to a friend, or been moved to purchase something based on a positive review, you’re not alone. In fact, Nielsen reports that 84% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations that come from friends and family. And they’re four times as likely to buy something if a friend or family member recommended it.

Recommendations are incredibly beneficial for both businesses and shoppers, but they typically don’t do much for the people making them.

Or at least, that’s how it used to be — until we decided it was time for a change.

At GetLinked, we know that customer happiness is the key to success, and we’re rewarding satisfied customers who recommend our services to others. Here, we’ll explore our referral programs, and why you should be part of one.

Why Should I Join One of GetLinked’s Referral Programs?
As a GetLinked customer, you have the option to join one of two Referral programs: the Basic Referral Program or the Referral and Marketing program.

Joining the Basic Referral Program entitles you to receive a 15% commission each time someone you refer makes a purchase. What’s more, you’ll continue to get 15% of their continued yearly subscription purchase.

The Referral and Marketing Program takes these benefits to the next level. When you join this program, you’ll receive 30% of both the first sale to a customer you refer, as well as 30% of annual subscription purchases.

Regardless of which program you choose, you’ll be given your own customer enrollment page.

Why Should I Refer My Networks to GetLinked?
GetLinked is the solution to your financial software needs. Through seamless integration capability with hundreds of timeclock and point of sale systems, we create faster accounting transactions. And by doing away with tedious manual data entry, we cut out human error and ensure enhanced accuracy.

If you’ve experienced the benefits of GetLinked and believe someone in your network could do the same, sign up for a Referral program today!

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10 Common Questions About the GetLinked Software

We truly believe that there’s no such thing as a silly question, and we hear a lot of questions from potential customers or new-to-us customers. We’re excited to hear from motivated business owners, franchisees, and key decision makers, and we look forward to the chance to be able to answer any question they pose to us.

But, we also know that only the people who reach out directly to us learn the answers to these valuable questions. We understand that there are so many of you who are in the research phase, and you might be wondering the very same thoughts.

We decided to pull together some of the most commonly asked questions about our software and share it publicly for those too shy to call or still shopping around.

How does GetLinked work?
GetLinked is an interface which converts time and point of sale data into “financial” accounting transactions. It also takes the sales data, like the General Ledger, payroll, deposits, payables, receivables, and other financial data and then transfers it into accounting systems or to payroll service providers.

However, GetLinked does more than simply import POS and other remote data. It also validates all the POS information being imported, as well as all the financial data that is transferred to the financial accounting system. Learn more.

What type of businesses need GetLinked?
Any type of business that needs financial integration from their front of house or online store to their back office financial accounting systems. These systems can include daily sales, payroll, receivables, payables, general journal entries, bank reconciliation among others.

What industries does GetLinked serve?
Across industries, GetLinked is the financial integration software of choice. We serve a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to:
● Accounting and bookkeeping
● Payroll providers
● Travel (hotels, resorts, cruises)
● Entertainment (casino, stadiums, arenas)
● Food and beverage (restaurants, food institutions)
● Health and fitness (gyms, club owners)
● Public and private clubs
● Franchises
● And more!

What modules are available to purchase?
You have the option to purchase subscriptions in one, more, or all of the following GetLinked modules, depending on the needs. The investment is priced per location (profit center) per module.
1. POSLink (Daily Sales)
2. PRLink (Payroll/Time and Attendance)
3. APLink (Accounts Payable)
4. ARLink (Accounts Receivable)
5. GLLink (General Ledger)
6. BRLink (Bank Reconciliation)

Is there any downtime when installing GetLinked?
GetLinked functions separate from your POS and Time Clock systems so there is no down time for your operations when installing GetLinked.

How does GetLinked extract data?
We link the data from your POS system into any accounting program with either direct access or importing capabilities.

The data is then formatted for importing into master files, such as the chart of accounts, vendors, customers, checkbook, employees, and more, and work files, like bank reconciliations, receivable and payables sales transaction entries, general ledger transactions, payroll transaction entries, among others. Learn more.

What if my POS system doesn’t match my accounting system?
All GetLinked software modules have translation tables for accounts, employee numbers, employee department, job, pay codes, customer numbers, vendor numbers, and more. Your point of sale system does not have to match your financial system — we can help you with the translation.

Can GetLinked tell me the accuracy of my data?
Yes. An exception report prints when importing and transferring data. It will list out of balance transactions, and missing data, such as accounts, deposits, sales, and more.

What if I change my financial systems after I’ve implemented GetLinked?
All available interfaces are included in your annual subscription, so if any of your systems change during that time frame, you can simply update GetLinked to match your new systems.

Are there any benefits for being a repeat customer?
Yes! We value our relationships with our customers so much. And to honor our gratitude for them, we offer two customer-only benefits that our current customers tell us they really appreciate.
The first is our referral program, in which we reward happy customers who recommend our services to other people and businesses in their network. In the basic program, customers will receive a 15% commission for every referral who makes a purchase. They’ll also receive 15% of their continued yearly subscription purchase moving forward. That percentage increases from 15 to 30% for our next-tier Referral and Marketing program.
Another popular perk to being a repeat customer is that our subscription costs less for returning customers so long as there is not any interruption or nonpayment in re-subscribing.
Have a question that’s not on here? Well, don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Should You Build or Buy Financial Integration Software?

You know you need a financial interface, but where you’re really stuck is whether you should buy one or build your own. There are perks to both, that’s for sure. If you buy one, you have instant access to a solution that can solve some of your most pressing challenges. However, if you build one, you can customize it to work exactly how you want.

We get the dilemma you’re in. In fact, this is something that we struggled with when we first created the company in 1982. And, this is also a question we get asked from some prospects. Most of the time, it gets posed by someone with previous programming experience who is motivated and excited to take on a challenge — and that we admire.

However, we believe we can save companies, like yours, who are considering building their own interface a lot of time and money by sharing our experience for what it takes to make a financial interface successful.

You see, there are many obvious (and some not so obvious) costs required to develop, install, maintain, support, and update these interfaces. The technical development of the interface isn’t the largest cost, but the ongoing maintenance requires a significant investment of both time and money when it comes to system updates, trained personnel leaving the organization, and the employees who are not being able to perform their originally assigned duties because they’re so bogged down with the newly built (or aging) software created.

3 Objectives for a Successful Interface

Low costs
When you purchase a GetLinked subscription, you’ll save money that you otherwise would have needed to pay your employees or contractors to develop the interface. In addition, your staff must have both accounting and programming knowledge in order to be successful, driving up the rate they charge for the build.
Similarly, to maintain the interface, you’ll sink money into program adjustments, software bug fixes, and developing it into a user-friendly interface for your accounting keypunchers, controllers, payroll clerk, and other users.

Finally, things can change with your POS systems, which require the interface to be updated. If cost is a factor in your decision making, we think you may lean to buying over building.

If you’re going to invest in a financial interface software, regardless of whether you’re buying or building, you want to make sure it works consistently.

Some of the things you’ll need to worry about when you build your own solution is technical staff, repairs, data polling, flexible translation capabilities, balanced journal entries, and the list continues. Buying an interface means there will be little to no on-going maintenance for a reliable software because another company is doing all the updating to the program behind the scenes for you.

Any interface will be able to provide you with solutions in a much more efficient and fast manner than any human on your team could process. But when you build your own software, you need to consider how to automate processes, such as data polling, multiple location imports, transfer functions batched, and more. Here at GetLinked, we’ve already figured all that out for you, and what you get as an end user is speed, without having to worry about all the tech specifications to make it work efficiently.

6 Requirements for Creating a Successful Interface:

Computer Skills
Still interested in building? Hire someone with high-level programming knowledge (for example, C languages, database file handlers, internet security protocols, and more). This person will also need experience in data file handlers, and the different versions (ex. MS_SQL, Sybase, MySQL, Dbase, flat file structures, etc.). Each system functions differently, uses a different database, program and extraction tools, and has differing levels of capabilities.

Accounting Knowledge
To build an interface, you’ll also need accounting knowledge to understand matching principles, default transaction balance, typical account entry, contra-accounts, and more functions. There will need to be a great understanding of the general ledger, payroll, receivables, and payables-related functionalities.

Data Polling
Polling of data can be the longest and hardest process of setup and needs to be done before any interface (including GetLinked) can operate — make sure you have someone proficient if you plan on building your own interface. This is where computer technicians can assist the most in automating this process on a daily basis.

Network and security intelligence
Anyone you hire to build an interface will need a vast amount of additional experience, such as covering network protocols, login configurations, server versus cloud-based requirements. They’ll also need to focus on getting the manufacturer’s permission to read or write to their system or database, as well as understanding encryptions and decryptions.

Staying on top of updates
Every system you interface to or from requires constant updates. Don’t count on a point of sale system to contain balanced transactions. It does not need to as it’s not a financial system. Building your own interface requires due diligence to make sure any outside updates get factored into your tasks.

Retaining the talent
If you’re able to move past all of the above challenges and invest in employees with all the skills and knowledge to create a customized interface, do everything you can to get them to document procedures, engage them, and retain their employment. Programmers will and do leave, and this is one of the biggest costs to a custom-built interface. In most cases it stops working, requires updates, gets a bug, and you’re forced to start over.

Bottom Line:
What is your time, money, and frustration worth? While we sincerely recommend more businesses purchase a financial integration solution instead of building one, you’re the only person who can determine which option is best for your company. While you’re mulling it over, we invite you to learn more about GetLinked, and find out if we’re the right solution for your company.

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How Does Extraction Work Using GetLinked?

Remember what it was like as a kid on your birthday when you were desperate to find out what presents you’d receive, but your parents were tight-lipped and not willing to even give you the slightest hint as to what was in every perfectly wrapped box?

And it was worse if you had siblings. Those rascals were usually in on the secret, but they wanted to negotiate with you –– give them something they want, and then they’ll share the information you wanted. For example, they’d trade you one measly clue for some of your stash of hidden Halloween candy. Even if you fell for their negotiations (which, if we’re being honest here, happened more often than not!), you’d end up feeling let down, like you’d never be able to extract the data you wanted out of any family members. Try as you may, the boxes would stay wrapped, and you’d fail at finding out the big surprise.

But, here’s the difference between waiting for a childhood present and running a business: As a kid, even if no one encouraged your detective skills, you still always ended up with the present in the end. As a business owner, franchisee, or key decision maker, you know that extracting information is vital to making your procedures run smoothly. There’s no present for patiently waiting for an end result. Either you get the information using smart systems or you pay someone to manually pull the data you need to run your business, which costs a lot of money and takes a significant amount of time…time that you may not have to keep things running smoothly.

When you’re investing in new financial integration software, one of the key differentiating factors between competitors is the type of information you can extract, and how the extraction works.

Here, we’ll explain how GetLinked manages both.

What Kind of Information Gets Extracted?
Here’s the thing: every point of sale software program is different. Some of these POS systems track sales, payroll, deposits, payables, receivables, and more. Others only work with some of those functionalities — not GetLinked.

Here at GetLinked, we’re able to link the data in your point of sales system into any accounting program that has importing capabilities.

The data is formatted for importing into master files and work files. For the master files, the data can be formatted into the chart of accounts, vendors, customers, checkbook, employees, and more. Work files include bank reconciliations, receivable and payables sales transaction entries, general ledger transactions, payroll transaction entries, and more.

How Does Extraction Work?
There are two common ways to extract data using our system — directly using an API or through a file export.

Direct extraction (our preferred method)
In most cases GetLinked can access point-of-sale and time clock data “directly” using an application-programming interface (API). What this means is the software manufacturer provides a utility for integrators to read and write with their database.

GetLinked reads the required data in order to create an accurate financial transaction, such as  balanced journal entries, accurate employee time punches, correct customer invoices, among others. The more established or advanced systems have these direct methods of accessing their data and the majority of GetLinked interfaces use this process.  It’s the preferred method as it allows your interface to be more flexible, accurate, and maintenance free for you.

A file export
The other way to extract data is through a file dump process. The most common file formats are in ASCII (for example, Comma, Tab, DBF, XML, etc.). Most POS systems have an end-of-day process which includes exporting the financial data, such as sales, payables, payroll, and more. These exported data files can then be transferred from each location to your corporate office via polling software, email or internet FTP sites, and other options.

GetLinked will map the file layout of your unique POS system the same way. Once mapped, you only need to load GetLinked software at your corporate office and set the pathname to these exported data files. Wondering why this method is used? Although it can create additional steps in automating transactions, many enterprise systems, like PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and others still use ASCII exports because it provides an additional layer of security and validation prior to importing into their accounting system.

Most POS systems run an end-of-day process and create exports, yet this data is usually not in a financial accounting format. GetLinked imports this data, arranges in a financial format, validates it, and transfers a balanced journal entry to your accounting system electronically.

If you want to bring the same joy you received when opening up a childhood present into your business practices, we recommend investing in a financial integration software that extracts the data for you and shares it with your accounting systems. GetLinked does just that.

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What Industries Benefit from GetLinked?

Accuracy, efficiency, and speed are critical to your organization’s continued success. But what you’re currently dealing with when it comes to gathering, sorting, and organizing financial data is anything but efficient, accurate, or speedy!
In fact, you or your employees are spending so much time manually integrating and processing information from within your current payroll, sales, and purchasing tools. Exhausting, right? It’s a waste of both time and resources, and you’re fed up and ready for a change.
Right now, you’re looking for a financial integration software specifically tailored to your industry’s intricacies. After doing your research, you’ll find that across industries, our product is the financial integration software of choice.
Here, we’ll share how we help a wide range of industries, a testament to GetLinked’s unparalleled versatility.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting firms are well versed handling financial data, but they also need software that helps to integrate that data from many different point of sale systems with their accounting systems. They also want the ability to process heavy loads of data in a quick and virtually error-free environment. Working with GetLinked allows them to achieve the integration and data processing that allows them to do their jobs in a more efficient and accurate manner.

Our customers in the accounting industry are experts in managing multiple projects on tight deadlines to keep their customers satisfied. When they partner with GetLinked, these firms decrease cost and margin of error, while also improving productivity, bolstering return on investment, and strengthening relationships with their customers.


Hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and other travel-related organizations share very similar priorities. These industries are focused on providing an impeccable experience to their valued customers. However, the travel industry faces so many variables and moving parts to navigate an excellent customer experience. Even minor errors prove to have major consequences — for both the industry and the customers they serve.

GetLinked makes your financial work both seamless and flawless—saving time and stress.

By partnering with us, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, or any other subset of the travel industry can stay on top of every transaction, from every revenue center — perfect for both business and pleasure!


Hosting large-scale events requires one eye on the big picture and another focused on details to ensure the experience provided ends in perfection. That’s a lot of pressure on the entertainment industry!

When it comes to casinos, stadiums, arenas, and other entertainment venues, we understand that even their most attentive employees may make unnecessary errors — they’re human after all.

GetLinked helps our entertainment industry customers to manage all their financial nuances and hone your attention on what matters most: your guests. This way, they can focus on providing an exceptional experience, whether it be helping concert goers rock out, feeding a stadium of hungry football fans, or keeping the cards dealt to casino goers. It’s a win-win for everyone!

 Health and Fitness

There’s so much to consider in the health and fitness industry. First, and most importantly, is the health of their customers, but in a business sense, these companies are also stressing about membership fees, sales and equipment costs, employee time clock and payroll data, and more!  Finances take up a lot of brain space (and manual time and effort) for health and fitness organizations.

Smart health and fitness organizations refuse to be swallowed up by the myriad financial details that make their business run smoothly. We help to streamline your processes so you can devote your time to the most important part of your business: Your customers!

 Restaurants and Food Institutions

It doesn’t matter if a restaurant is considered a small-town gem or an international franchise, there’s one thing we know for sure: crunching numbers isn’t the most exciting part of their business! They’d rather focus on providing an excellent customer experience while crafting food that is out of this world.

And let’s not forget about the sector that supplies food as an integral service, like hospitals, schools, or other enterprises that provide thousands of meals every day. With such high utilization, streamlining financial services is integral to being efficient.

GetLinked saves our customers in the restaurant and food industries countless hours by speeding up their accounting transactions for more immediate (and accurate) results—so they can get back to doing what they love best — feeding their loyal customers.

Additional Industries

What we’ve shared above is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the industries we support. From payroll service providers to public and private clubs to franchises and beyond, we’re happy to support organizations from across a wide spectrum of new, burgeoning, and existing organizations. Have a question  about whether our product would fit the industry you’re in? Reach out and ask!

From accounting firms to hotels to casinos, restaurants, fitness centers, and beyond, GetLinked® is transforming industry standards for finance. Learn about what type of customers GetLinked serves , or find out more about how our subscription service works .

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What is GetLinked Software?

This afternoon, you found yourself talking to a colleague about how much of your time gets wasted on administrative tasks. You’re frustrated, and you can’t seem to find the time to finish everything you need to do.

You know these manual tasks are important, but you also know there must be a better way. There must be a more modern way to approach your work. You weren’t surprised to hear your colleague mention GetLinked as a potential solution, because it’s been recommended to you in the past. But you’ve never had the time to research what it is and how it can help. You’re looking for a change, and now you’re seriously wondering, “What Is GetLinked software?”

Here, we’ll explore what GetLinked is and how it can help you free up more time so you can focus on what’s really important at work.

What is GetLinked software?

GetLinked Software is an interface that converts point of sale (POS) and time clock data into “financial” accounting transactions. It also takes the sales data (General Ledger), deposits, payroll, receivables, payables and other financial data and transfers this information into accounting systems or to payroll service providers.

However, the software does more than simply import POS and other remote data. It also validates all the POS information being imported, as well as all the financial data that is transferred to the financial accounting system.

The GetLinked system asks questions such as: 
Does the account number exist?
Does the journal entry balance?
Does the detail distribution of the invoice equal the total invoice?
And more…

Still confused? Don’t be. The basics are that every point of sale or time clock system has a method of exporting  relevant financial data. The secret of GetLinked is its ability to import that raw data, such as POS or time punches, validate it, and convert it into accurate financial data (for example, turning it into an accounting journal entry or payroll processing). Then, GetLinked transfers it to your financial system, like QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, ADP, or others.

Here’s the bottom line:
GetLinked software provides faster and more accurate results for busy businesses while removing the opportunity for human error at the same time.

GetLinked plays nicely

At this point, you might be wondering if GetLinked will work with the systems you’re currently using. You either like the software you’re currently using or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of looking for new systems that will work with GetLinked.

Great news, you don’t have to!

GetLinked integrates with over 1,300 point of sale (POS), time clock, financial, and payroll systems. While we don’t endorse or recommend any particular systems, here’s a list of systems we interface with. Don’t see your specific system? Don’t worry. Here’s how GetLinked software helps with your unique system.

GetLinked offers freedom for busy businesses

Think about everything you could accomplish if you no longer had to manually sort through this information. It’s all possible with GetLinked. All it takes to import and transfer data for multiple locations and date ranges is a single click.

Ready to regain your time (and likely your sanity!)? Find out more about the specific products we offer.

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How Does the GetLinked Subscription Work?

You are the ultimate diligent decision maker.

And we say this not to tease or poke fun — it’s an honorable trait. When it’s time to make decisions about what to purchase in your professional or personal life, you research thoroughly, collect data, analyze similarities and differences, and move forward feeling confident you’ve made the right decision because of all the time and effort you’ve put into the process.

Right now, you’re looking for a financial integration system for your organization , and we’re honored you’re considering GetLinked . But you might be curious about how our subscription-based system works.

Here, we’ll explain the basics of our GetLinked Software Subscriptions (GSS), and how choosing to link up with us will save your company time, effort, and money immediately and in the long term.

What You Need to Know About GetLinked Subscriptions

All of our subscriptions are licensed on an annual basis, which runs from July 1st through June 30th each year.

But it’s not July 1st today, is it? And this leaves you wondering what you’ll be charged and for how long your subscription is valid, right? We understand, and this is one of the most commonly asked questions  we receive.

Great news — our subscription plan is prorated on a daily basis. This means that you’re only paying for the actual time you’re using through the end of the subscription period. So whether you start in November, February, or May, your pricing will be adjusted to reflect the remainder of the subscription year.

And we believe in being upfront with our pricing so that you can factor the cost into your decision-making process . We don’t hide our prices and force you on a sales call to try to close the deal. Our pricing is available to view every day at our online store. Here, you can view what today’s price is to subscribe so you can feel confident knowing you’re getting a great deal for a great product, and not paying for an annual year if you join us after the subscription period begins.

What’s the Benefits of Subscribing?

When you choose GetLinked as your financial integration software, you can rest easy knowing that your annual subscription grants you access to any enhancements to the product, as well as any software updates that occur during that time period. Better yet, we’ll provide you with online documentation, support topics and the technical know-how included in our helpdesk.

If you’re looking for more hands-on help, there are upgrades available to add to your subscription. GetLinked customers can purchase one-on-one support packages through our online store if any need arises in which you want a little extra help.

What Modules Are Included in a GetLinked Subscription?

With so many other tools out there, consumers are forced to purchase an entire program loaded with many modules that will likely go unused as they only need a portion of the product to achieve what they need in their business. The beauty of our software is that you only need to purchase the modules  you actually need.

When you join GetLinked, you have the option to purchase subscriptions in one, more, or all of the following modules, depending on your organization’s needs. The investment is priced per location (profit center) per module.
POSLink (Daily Sales)
PRLink (Payroll/Time and Attendance)
APLink (Accounts Payable)
ARLink (Accounts Receivable)
GLLink (General Ledger)
BRLink (Bank Reconciliation)

 What Interfaces Are Included?

GetLinked integrates with over 1,300 point of sale (POS), time clock, financial, and payroll systems, and with a subscription, you’ll have access to all interfaces for all systems per module. We’d bore you if we listed all of the 1300+ interfaces here, but some of the most popular are Square, Micros, Aloha, ABC Financial Services (Fitness Clubs), Intacct, QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, US Foods, Sysco, and many more options.

The access to so many interfaces is what so many of our customers love about working with GetLinked, and you’ll have access to the interfaces with a subscription.

What Happens When The Subscription Ends?

If June 30th doesn’t feel too far away, you might be wondering what happens with your subscription. Don’t worry! We’ll notify you in advance of the expiration date with instructions on how to purchase your next annual subscription. So long as there are no interruptions (time or payment) on your part, this process will be seamless!

Here’s something we’re really excited about: customers who choose to continue their annual subscriptions with GetLinked get discounted pricing for most modules so long as they continue to purchase their subscriptions every year without interruption or non-payment. We’re so thankful for our very loyal customers , and this is just one of the many ways we share that gratitude with them.

Also, we understand that sometimes our customers may need to interrupt their service, such as if a location is closed or for other reasons. Because the subscription is sold as an annual subscription, it will stay active until the end of the subscription period with no prorated refunds.

That being said, we currently have a 92% re-subscription rate , and potential customers have access to a trial period to test and make sure our software works best for their organization.

We’re proud of our subscription service, and we’re honored to have so many long-term customers who feel the same. If you feel like you’ve done your due diligence in researching financial integration systems, we hope you’ll join our subscription service. Find out more about the specific products we offer.

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