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  1. Support Site. If you’re an active GetLinked Software subscriber, log in to access our customer support site. The Support Site contains help documents and software downloads.  All technical support time is purchased through our GetLinked Software.  In the software, click on Help and ‘About GetLinked”.  Follow the links from there.
  2. Community Forum. If you can’t find the answer you need on the Support Site, you can visit the community support forum. Here you can see answers to frequently asked questions, post your own question or answer someone else’s question.
  3. Contact form (to the right). Can’t find what you need on the Support Site or in the Community Forum? Submit a query to our support team using the Contact Form. Note: you’ll need an active GetLinked Subscription and support time available on your account. You can purchase GetLinked Software subscriptions and support from our store.

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      Affiliates - 3rd Party Consultants, Dealers, etc.

      Affiliates inquiring or buying on behalf of another company need to create an account/login on our affiliate page. Here you can register the company we’ll be working with, so we can better understand and serve their needs. You can use this account to track your referrals and their status.

      Visit Affiliate Page →