Low cost

Get totally functional system integration for a low annual subscription rate: less than a dollar and a half a day. Try finding a bookkeeper at that price!



Calculations Calculate and book entries based on rates as daily information is imported. Works great for things like credit card fees, franchise fees, licensing and over/short amounts.


Translation engine

Translation-EngineUse the terms you are used to in your point of sale and financial systems because GetLinked software adapts to your system when you setup your specific interface.  Translate revenue centers from your point-of-sale system to account numbers in your financial system. You only have to set it up once because GetLinked software remembers how your systems line up using your chart of accounts, employee id’s, job, department, pay codes and more from your point-of-sale, time-clock, accounting and payroll systems.  Set and go!


Data validation

Data-Validation Verify account numbers and rest assured that transactions balance and distributions equal totals. Exception reports highlight out-of-balance transactions, missing deposits and more.


Batch import and transfer

Import and transfer data for multiple locations and date ranges with a single click.


Scheduled processing

Scheduled-ProcessingStreamline daily journal entries: set a scheduled task to run automatically at a date and time you specify.


Pre-configured links

Preconfiged-LinksLink to over 1000 point-of-sale, time clock and financial systems—including more than 100 payroll service providers.



Cloud-FriendlyIntegrate with popular cloud-based systems like Intacct and QuickBooks Online. Install GetLinked software in the public cloud and use as a SaaS, or in a private cloud for company-wide use.