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What Industries Benefit from GetLinked?

Accuracy, efficiency, and speed are critical to your organization’s continued success. But what you’re currently dealing with when it comes to gathering, sorting, and organizing financial data is anything but efficient, accurate, or speedy!
In fact, you or your employees are spending so much time manually integrating and processing information from within your current payroll, sales, and purchasing tools. Exhausting, right? It’s a waste of both time and resources, and you’re fed up and ready for a change.
Right now, you’re looking for a financial integration software specifically tailored to your industry’s intricacies. After doing your research, you’ll find that across industries, our product is the financial integration software of choice.
Here, we’ll share how we help a wide range of industries, a testament to GetLinked’s unparalleled versatility.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting firms are well versed handling financial data, but they also need software that helps to integrate that data from many different point of sale systems with their accounting systems. They also want the ability to process heavy loads of data in a quick and virtually error-free environment. Working with GetLinked allows them to achieve the integration and data processing that allows them to do their jobs in a more efficient and accurate manner.

Our customers in the accounting industry are experts in managing multiple projects on tight deadlines to keep their customers satisfied. When they partner with GetLinked, these firms decrease cost and margin of error, while also improving productivity, bolstering return on investment, and strengthening relationships with their customers.


Hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and other travel-related organizations share very similar priorities. These industries are focused on providing an impeccable experience to their valued customers. However, the travel industry faces so many variables and moving parts to navigate an excellent customer experience. Even minor errors prove to have major consequences — for both the industry and the customers they serve.

GetLinked makes your financial work both seamless and flawless—saving time and stress.

By partnering with us, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, or any other subset of the travel industry can stay on top of every transaction, from every revenue center — perfect for both business and pleasure!


Hosting large-scale events requires one eye on the big picture and another focused on details to ensure the experience provided ends in perfection. That’s a lot of pressure on the entertainment industry!

When it comes to casinos, stadiums, arenas, and other entertainment venues, we understand that even their most attentive employees may make unnecessary errors — they’re human after all.

GetLinked helps our entertainment industry customers to manage all their financial nuances and hone your attention on what matters most: your guests. This way, they can focus on providing an exceptional experience, whether it be helping concert goers rock out, feeding a stadium of hungry football fans, or keeping the cards dealt to casino goers. It’s a win-win for everyone!

 Health and Fitness

There’s so much to consider in the health and fitness industry. First, and most importantly, is the health of their customers, but in a business sense, these companies are also stressing about membership fees, sales and equipment costs, employee time clock and payroll data, and more!  Finances take up a lot of brain space (and manual time and effort) for health and fitness organizations.

Smart health and fitness organizations refuse to be swallowed up by the myriad financial details that make their business run smoothly. We help to streamline your processes so you can devote your time to the most important part of your business: Your customers!

 Restaurants and Food Institutions

It doesn’t matter if a restaurant is considered a small-town gem or an international franchise, there’s one thing we know for sure: crunching numbers isn’t the most exciting part of their business! They’d rather focus on providing an excellent customer experience while crafting food that is out of this world.

And let’s not forget about the sector that supplies food as an integral service, like hospitals, schools, or other enterprises that provide thousands of meals every day. With such high utilization, streamlining financial services is integral to being efficient.

GetLinked saves our customers in the restaurant and food industries countless hours by speeding up their accounting transactions for more immediate (and accurate) results—so they can get back to doing what they love best — feeding their loyal customers.

Additional Industries

What we’ve shared above is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the industries we support. From payroll service providers to public and private clubs to franchises and beyond, we’re happy to support organizations from across a wide spectrum of new, burgeoning, and existing organizations. Have a question  about whether our product would fit the industry you’re in? Reach out and ask!

From accounting firms to hotels to casinos, restaurants, fitness centers, and beyond, GetLinked® is transforming industry standards for finance. Learn about what type of customers GetLinked serves , or find out more about how our subscription service works .

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