Automated processing

Automated-ProcessingTurn the raw data already stored at your location/store into journal entries. No need to enter transactions manually—and no more spreadsheets!


Error reduction

GetLinked software uses data directly from your point-of-sale and time-and-attendance systems.Error-Reduction Say goodbye to data entry errors.


Lower costs

Lower-CostsImproved data accuracy translates to lower costs. Your key employees will spend less time playing detective on missing or out-of-balance transactions.


Information when you need it

Information-When-You-Need-ItReceive timely information—even daily—for faster decision making. Process financial information for all your locations with just one easy click.



FlexibilityOur software is flexible—adaptable to any type of business. Purchase modules on a per-function or per-location basis, and pay just for what you need now. It’s easy to expand when you’re ready.


Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Each module is sold per location, so you don’t have to worry about individual seat licensing.


Internal control

Internal-ControlOur software uses the data keyed into your point-of-sale or time-clock system, so fewer hands touch your data. Enjoy the security that comes with more internal control.