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Feature GETLinked Software Subscription (GSS) Spreadsheet Import Utilities  Custom Program
Price $4991 $300+2 $2,000+2 $5,000+2
Electronically transfer data
Pre-Configured Links to Point of Sale Systems (POSLink Module)
Pre-Configured Links to Time Clocks Systems (PRLink Module)
Pre-Configured Links to Accounting Systems
Pre-Configured Links to Payroll Services
Validate Data
Reports – Import, Transfer and Exceptions
Capability to Balance Transactions Automatically
No Rekeying of Data
No Programming Required
Pre-Configured Links for Various Industries (Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Resorts, Casinos, Hospitals, Marinas, C-Stores, etc.)
Multi-User ? ?
Available for Download1 Varies Varies
Annual GetLinked® Software Subscription (GSS)1 As Low as $269 Varies Varies Varies
Web Support1 Varies Varies Varies
Video Support1 Varies Varies Varies
Email Support1 Available Varies Varies Varies
Telephone Support1 Available Varies Varies Varies
  1. GetLinked® Software Subscription (GSS) is an annual fee per module per location. Internet access required. Includes web access to download software, Web Support and Video Support.
    PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. ALL SERVICES SOLD SEPARATELY FROM SOFTWARE! Telephone support is available to current customers and must be pre-paid at the current rate of $200.00 per hour. ASI does not support products other than GetLinked® software.
  2. Price of software development program only. Additional programming required to format data to each Point of Sale (POS) and Accounting System.
  3. Estimate based on national averages for programmers and the number of hours required for developing software.