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GetLinked software provides newest point of sale integration for Seasoned Brands LLC

Software keeps financial integration quick and easy for growing franchise

September 27 – The latest interface of GetLinked® software was released and implemented by Seasoned Brands LLC (formerly Aladdin Eatery Systems, Inc.) interfacing Micros, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and Paychex. This software continues to provide financial integration Seasoned Brands LLC needs as they continue to franchise.

GetLinked® software has been a cost savings, allowing us to continuously update our systems without having to start over with a new interface each time.

Seasoned Brands LLC has been using GetLinked software for the past eight years to integrate their different systems. The latest version enhances the financial integration between their point-of-sale, accounting and payroll systems. It provides one software solution that includes accurate recording of transactions, payments and timekeeping. “GetLinked software has been a cost savings, allowing us to continuously update our systems without having to start over with a new interface each time.” says Fares Chamoun, VP/CFO of Seasoned Brands LLC. GetLinked continues to develop new interfaces and updates that are seamlessly added to the existing system. GetLinked will also be used in their latest success as they recently won the bid to replace McDonald’s in the Cleveland Clinic in their initiative to be leaders in health by example.

“We developed GetLinked software to be easy to install, operate and update while providing consistent and accurate integration between systems.” says Jim DeFede, a development manager for GetLinked. This interface is just one of the solutions to keep the process fast, reliable and very affordable. GetLinked allows Seasoned Brands LLC better control of their POS data and eliminates hours of manual work.

GetLinked is compatible with hundreds of point of sale, timeclock, accounting and payroll systems including Clover, Square, Revention, Micros, Aloha, Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Financial Systems (GP, Navision, etc.), PeopleSoft, SAP, Bank of America, First Data, ADP and many more.

About GetLinked®
GetLinked® is a software program developed and maintained by Accounting Solutions, Inc., provider of financial integration tools for over 30 years. The primary function is to integrate point of sale and timeclock systems to financial systems. GetLinked is a modular system by accounting function and integrates with over 750 systems.

GetLinked® products and services are available worldwide for many industries including Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Health Clubs, Public and Private Clubs , Stadiums and Arenas, Casino and Entertainment Venues, Cruise Lines, Accounting Firms and Bookkeepers, Payroll Service Providers, Institutional Food Services, Franchises and others.

Email or visit the web site at

Inquiries about preferred accounting firms: Many businesses now use accounting firms to handle their financial integration and reporting. Contact Accounting Solutions, Inc. for more information on preferred accounting firms that provide financial services nationwide. Email


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Cheese Burger Restaurants LogoSorry I haven’t had a chance to call you after the payroll setup was complete.

It has been running great and we now have all 7 restaurants doing the payroll through GETLinked. We have had very few issues which Buddy has been able to handle for the most part.

I wanted to tell you that I attended a restaurant seminar yesterday, and of course, got to talk about your software to some of the attendees. I spent the most time with a group of CPA’s and accountants who have restaurant owners as clients. So, I hope you get lots of business going your way.

I love talking about all the things it will do for them and I love seeing the look on their faces.

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Monaco Pictures LogoAfter using GetLinked Software for over 6 years, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, and congratulations, for delivering a solid solution.

We have been using GetLinked to import all of our restaurant sales data into our accounting platform, Great Plains. The process is seamless and allows for the level of detail we need for our reporting purposes. Importing and transferring the data is completed in just a few steps and creates the journal entry that, in the end, generates the reporting data we need to make better management decisions

As a company that runs with very minimal administrative personnel, your solutions suit us perfectly. The setup with your technical team is really simple and fast. Other than when we were setting up on a new system, I can say we have not needed a single support call ... ever. That speaks volumes to the quality and reliability of your product.

We really love the subscription model that is offered. Often times, solutions have huge upfront costs, followed by expensive maintenance contracts. GetTLinked process is simple; a nominal annual fee for a solid solution. I can say with confidence when comparing custom written interface programs for integration, they come at a price that is far greater than six years of renewal costs.

With the success we have had with the POSLink, we have just recently started using the PRLink to automate our payroll. I can tell you after two months of using it, we will have saved more in labor costs, usually spent on processing payroll manually, than the cost of the annual subscription. Again, for a company that runs with a very lean administrative staff, this solution not only saves us money, but will free up time to be spent on other projects

Congratulations again for delivering such a quality product. If I can ever be used as a reference for potential users, feel free to send them my way.

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