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Big Boy International

With over 455 World Wide locations, Big Boy International was looking for a business intelligence tool that could interface their Oracle relational database to their Payroll Service. To handle this integration Big Boy chose the GetLinked® Software solution from Accounting Solutions, Inc.

Company Profile:

Big Boy of Michigan started in 1952 as the first Franchisees of Big Boy Restaurants and became the Worldwide Franchiser in 1987. Big Boy is an International sit-down Restaurant chain with over 455 worldwide locations.


After evaluating different Payroll services Big Boy chose Paychex payroll processing services to handle the sheer volume of employee transactions. However, a major concern was how to interface their Time and Attendance data residing in an Oracle Database to the Paychex system.
A major obstacle was that the Paychex product does not have the ability to interface directly with Oracle. Without an integration solution, Big Boy would not be able to make the switch to Paychex. GetLinked was the perfect solution for their integration issues.

Business Solution:

Computer operations director Donald Bochenek with Big Boy International was looking for a product that required no programming intervention by his staff and little if any support.
“In evaluating Big Boys’ needs we could truly see the benefits that GetLinked would provide based upon the enormous amount of employee transactions that were occurring,” states Jim DeFede for Accounting Solutions, Inc. All payroll information from Big Boy is downloaded to their corporate office every Monday morning. GetLinked imports, validates, and then transfers that data into Paychex.
GetLinked was the prefect solution for their integration issues. GetLinked allows Big Boy to import their Oracle Time and Attendance data, validate the data, and then transfer the validated data to Paychex. GetLinked eliminated the manual rekeying process.


Analysis of data becomes critical to a company the size of Big Boy. Any time you can eliminate manual labor it will only increase the ability to make use of the data received.
GetLinked, working in concert with Paychex, has saved Big Boy numerous hours in manual labor. Bochenek states, “there is no longer any manual labor involved to move our edited payroll files from Oracle to the Paychex payroll system. Installing the GetLinked suite software from their website went smoothly without any problems.”
GetLinked‘s ability to eliminate the possibility of rekeying errors was essential to Big Boy with increased confidence and insuring data integrity. GetLinked’s integration abilities allowed Big Boy to implement their desired payroll processing service.
By eliminating the rekeying of payroll data, GETLinked has saved countless hours of labor input every payroll period for Big Boy’s 2,100+ employees.

About GetLinked®
GetLinked is a software program developed and maintained by Accounting Solutions, Inc., provider of financial integration tools for over 30 years. As the company moved into financial software there was a need to simplify the process of integrating data from disparate systems. The specific goal then became focused on integrating POS and timeclock systems to financial systems. The next seven years were spent perfecting GetLinked before releasing it to the public. GetLinked is modular, grouped by accounting function and integrates with over 750 systems.

GetLinked products and services are available worldwide for many industries including Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Public and Private Clubs, Stadiums and Arenas, Casino and Entertainment Venues, Cruise Lines, Accounting Firms and Bookkeepers, Payroll Service Providers, Institutional Food Services, Franchises and others.

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Lee WesleyAs a growing company our immediate goal is to streamline and automate as many of our daily tasks as possible, particularly the day‐to‐day sales and payroll entry.

Recently, we were introduced to you and your GetLinked product and have been using it for daily sales, deposits, and payroll imports into our accounting system. Since putting it in place, your software has saved countless hours of manual entry and provides the necessary solution for us to continue to automate process throughout our Company. As you know, we have tried other products in the past, to no avail, even software provided through out Point‐of‐Sale system. It is the ease of use on the front and back end that allows for us to put your software in place and not have worry about any issues. In addition, we can’t speak highly enough of your team and their willingness to configure the software and train our office managers on how to use the software properly.

Please accept my appreciation for you and your team allowing us to reach one of our pillar goals of automation within our Company. We look forward to continuing to utilize GetLinked for our future restaurant locations.

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DCRS LogoIn the world today, people are often quick to point out problems and deficiencies, and rarely take the time to recognize things done well.

Since we have worked with you at Accounting Solutions, Inc. for many years, this note is long overdue. We cannot say enough about the recent “problem solving” that you, your staff, and your GetLinked Software provided to one of our largest accounts.

As you know, this 10,000 seat arena, with a 50 terminal MICROS 9700 system, had some very specific needs when it came to payroll export and interface. Without your multiple solutions, some key personnel at this customer site would not be near as happy! Although a very large team of ours was responsible for much of the success at this large arena project, your solutions helped insure the site’s final satisfaction.

You have a great product at a reasonable price, but your knowledge of customer integration needs, and your delivery, always make it easy for me to refer other POS dealers to you.

Rest assured that I will continue to refer dealers and customers to you.

Thanks again for taking care of our customer.

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