Referencing GetLinked

Referencing GetLinked

It is important to know the proper use of GetLinked trademarks.  You may use GetLinked trademarks or product name to refer to GetLinked products and services provided you follow these guidelines.  It is important that your use of GetLinked trademarks does not mislead consumers as to any Accounting Solutions, Inc. or GetLinked sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, or of your products or services.

GetLinked should always be known by its full name – GetLinked. GetLinked should not be referred to as GL or any other abbreviations. When writing GetLinked it should be written with the “G” and “L” capitalized.  The appropriate trademark symbol must accompany the word GetLinked.


Correct: GetLinked® software is modular, grouped by accounting function.
Incorrect: After configuring getlinked modules

Referencing GetLinked individual modules

When referencing individual GetLinked software modules the rules above for referencing GetLinked must still be applied before the module name.  Each module is identified with the corresponding function in all CAPS plus the word Link with a capital “L” for form one word.

Here are examples of the proper referencing of each module.

  • GetLinked® POSLink
  • GetLinked® PRLink
  • GetLinked® APLink
  • GetLinked® ARLink
  • GetLinked® GLLink
  • GetLinked® BRLink

Use Trademark Notices

Include an attribution of ownership of DEFEDE of the trademark(s) in the credit section of your document or advertisement.

Use this format:

GetLinked® is a registered trademark of DEFEDE.