Brand Package Application

Brand Package Application

This application is to apply for the GetLinked Brand Package.  This package includes GetLinked logo assets to be used for internet based marketing.  This application must be accurately filled out including a valid email in order to receive the Brand Package and for a third party to be able to use GetLinked trademarks.

Submitting this application does not constitute an agreement or approval from Accounting Solutions, Inc. to use GetLinked trademarks. Due to the volume of applications only approved applications will receive a reply. Note: Your application must contain a valid email and valid company information for approval.

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    We have reviewed, understand and agree to abide by the posted Brand Guidelines and the attached Terms and Conditions of this agreement. We would like to incorporate the ASI “Company Identifications” in our marketing material and/or web site and have our web site link to the ASI web site. We understand that ASI reserves the right to review our marketing material and web site at any time and direct us to take the appropriate actions(s) to correct any conditions regarding the ASI “Company Identifications”.

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