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GetLinked Speeds Up the Accounting Process for Health Clubs

More health and fitness centers are connecting to their financial accounting systems using GetLinked® Software.

May 19 – GetLinked® Software continues to enhance and install financial integration systems using ABC Financial Services.

Dozens of clubs using ABC Financial Services are now connected using a direct link or exported files that are electronically processed through GetLinked into their club’s accounting system.
The latest implementation is Riverside Health Club in Mount Vernon, Washington integrating the daily sales into their accounting systems.

GetLinked and ABC Financial Services continue to work together bringing financial integration to health and fitness franchises. With the continuing need for financial integration GetLinked is providing the automation for club owners and accountants to get complete automation of their sales to hundreds of different financial systems. “Manually entering income data used to take our team a combined 3-4 hours per week and invariably came with mistakes. GetLinked has streamlined this process and removed errors allowing us to have our financial data in a timely manner and trust it was entered correctly!” says Ether Amaro, the Human Resource Manager and Billing Administrator for Riverside Health Club.

GetLinked integrates from health and fitness systems to accounting eliminating the manual entries. The software provides faster and more accurate accounting transactions between disparate systems.

The daily sales module has the ability for users to import transactions and assign account numbers from their financial system then transfer balanced transactions. It allows users to select amounts to be automatically transferred to predetermined accounts and identifies variances.

With this financial integration software, health club owners can electronically interface their daily sales from all clubs into their accounting system either internally or use an accounting firm to handle all the recording details. Business owners that use health club software can now setup the interface once and record customer payments, refunds, discounts, processing fees and more to the correct accounts in their financial system. Owners can review their financials in their own accounting system or from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day by logging into a secure site if using a cloud based financial system. “Financial integration continues to be a challenge for most companies to accomplish and GetLinked allows franchise owners to achieve that automation process and focus on their necessary operations.” says Jim DeFede, a development manager with GetLinked.

Financial integration has become vital to operations and GetLinked allows franchise owners to focus on their core business.

Service providers, such as accounting firms and payroll processors, can also use GetLinked to provide financial integration for franchise owners. It can be accessed remotely thereby lowering overall costs.

GetLinked modules are compatible with hundreds of point of sale, timeclock, accounting and payroll systems including Clover, Square, Revention, Micros, Aloha, Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Financial Systems (GP, Navision, etc.), PeopleSoft, SAP, Bank of America, First Data, ADP and many more.

About GetLinked®
GetLinked is a software program developed and maintained by Accounting Solutions, Inc., provider of financial integration tools for over 30 years. The primary function is to integrate point of sale and timeclock systems to financial systems. GetLinked is a modular system by accounting function and integrates with over 750 systems.

GetLinked products and services are available worldwide for many industries including Health Clubs, Public and Private Clubs, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Stadiums and Arenas, Casino and Entertainment Venues, Cruise Lines, Accounting Firms and Bookkeepers, Payroll Service Providers, Institutional Food Services, Franchises and others.

Email or visit the web site at

Inquiries about preferred accounting firms: Contact Accounting Solutions, Inc. for more information on preferred accounting firms that provide financial services nationwide.

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Monaco Pictures LogoGetLinked POSLink (Daily Sales) has streamlined our income data entry incredibly!

Manually entering income data used to take our team a combined 3-4 hours per week and invariably came with mistakes. GetLinked has streamlined this process and removed errors allowing us to have our financial data in a timely manner and trust it was entered correctly!

The initial setup is the most tedious step, as we have many Chart of Accounts, Sub-Chart of Accounts, Classes and Sub-Classes for our data. Once the setup was done we did not have to do much more than a couple clicks to send our data though to our accounting software.

The support given during this process was knowledgeable and timely.

We are looking forward to adding the POSLink (Daily Sales) to our second location.

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