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General Ledger Misc. Imports (GLLink - $499.00 Annual - RETAIL)

Pro-Rated: $479.86 Why is this Pro-Rated?

Imports “financial journal” information from miscellaneous systems such as payroll service providers, text files, spreadsheets and more into your General Ledger. GLLink imports and transfers debit and credit data checking for errors and ensuring that it balances. One of its most popular uses is importing summary payroll data from your payroll service provider. Over 350 interfaces available. Review the list of systems or call us for complete list.

What's Included:
- Use of GetLinked® Software.
- Software updates.
- Access to software downloads, forum, support documentation including installation instructions and various other documentation.
- Access to our Technical Support Staff. Support is sold on an hourly basis for active subscription.

GetLinked® Software is sold on a pro-rated annual basis.
Subscription dates are July 1st to June 30th.

System Requirements:
Windows 7 or greater operating system (English Version).
Visit our Forum for full details on system requirements.

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