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If GetLinked Software has been working fine and then suddenly one day your import comes up out of balance here are the most common things to check.

1. Were new items added to the point of sale system?
If new items were added to your point of sale system you may need to re-import your definitions and then assign account numbers to the new items. You can often tell that new items were added by going to the “Detail” category on the Daily Summary Screen and looking for blank lines that have a dollar amount but no description. Those new items will often add up to the variance amount. In this case the $252.00 and the $33.00 were new tenders that add up to the $285.00 variance.

The solution to this problem is to re-import the point of sale definitions:
1. Open the Financial Location setup window by going to Setup > POSLink > Location.
2. Click the Setup button to the right of the System / Model / Version dropdowns.
3. Try importing the day again. The new items should then show up with the correct descriptions and will be ready for you to assign an account number.

2. Are there existing items that you need to assign account numbers to?
There may be existing items from the point of sale system that are not commonly used and are therefore easy to miss when assigning account numbers. When that happens you will have to do a bit of detective work to figure out what’s missing from your journal entry. It is VERY helpful to have a daily store report from the point of sale system that you can compare against the import report from GETLinked Software. If you check the “Detail” category in GETLinked Software you can scroll through ALL of the items that GETLinked Software imported for that date. Items that have Account numbers assigned ARE included in the journal entry while items with NO account number are ignored.
In the screenshot below you can see that the “Visa” line item does NOT have an account number assigned and is not part of the journal entry. Assigning an account number to that line will bring the journal entry back in balance. It’s also important to check that the “Typical Entry” (Debit/Credit) is correct as is detailed in the next section.

3. Does an existing item have the wrong “Typical Entry” or is it incorrectly importing as a negative number?
If an existing item accidentally has the wrong “Typical Entry” assigned it will cause the journal entry to be out of balance by double that items amount. For example in the screen shot below the “MC” line item is a $33.00 credit but should be a debit. That causes the journal entry to be $66.00 out of balance.

A similar problem can happen if the “+/-“ checkbox is incorrectly checked. In the example below the typical entry is correctly set to a debit but the “+/-“ checkbox has been marked which causes the MC amount to import as a negative $33.00 causing the $66.00 out of balance. To fix this you need to uncheck the “+/-“ box and import the day again.

4. Are you accidentally double counting an item?
Most point of sale systems offer multiple levels of detail and we try our best to make all of those detail levels available in GETLinked Software. The downside of this is that you can accidentally “double count” line items. In the example below both the “Manager Discount” and “Total Discounts” items have account numbers assigned to them when they both really represent the same $5.00 discount from the point of sale system. This is causing the journal entry to be $5.00 out of balance.

To fix this one of the line items needs to have the account number removed so it will be ignored by GETLinked Software. The Sales and Discounts categories are the most common places where items are double counted.

5. Is the Point of Sale system out of balance?
It is actually fairly common for the point of sale system itself to be out of balance. It could be due to tax rounding issues, incorrect reporting setup, buttons or menu items that aren’t mapped to a category. You can sometimes check your daily store report and look for individual items that don’t add up to the category total (do the individual discounts equal the total discounts?). The good news is that you have final control over the journal entry that gets sent to your accounting system.
In GETLinked Software you can adjust any line item amount by clicking on the amount and entering a new value. Once you click on another line item GETLinked Software will recalculate the variance amount automatically. If you make a mistake simply import the day again and it will be set back to the values from the point of sale system.

You can also setup an “Over/short” calculation with a specified variance amount limit. The calculation will automatically try to balance the journal entry up to the limit you specify. For more information on setting up an “Over/short” calculation visit our web site at:

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