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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:31 pm 

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After setting up GetLinked to work with Micros 3700, I noticed that there are many predefined descriptions that do not come from my register system. After I import the POS data (Micros 3700 SQL Scripts output txt files), I see details like "SYS TRK TTL - New SYS Tracking --Paid Out - TOTAL", but when I search the data (Micros 3700 SQL Scripts output txt files), I cannot find this "description".

Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation that tells me what data I need to bring to POSLink to make the daily summary. For example, the Micros 3700 SQL Scripts output many txt files. I know that I am missing TIMEPRDTRK, SERVPRDTRK, RVCTIMEPRD, RVCTIMEPRDTRK, and CMDEP. The first two are because I did not download the Micros 3700 SQL Scripts w/ Day Parts, I am not certain if I can get more detail if I am able to poll for the remaining txt files in the correct format. I am comfortable with coding, and reading the Micros Reports Manual...

The problem I want to solve is: I want to see the descriptions for the charges in the calculation, Paid Out Total. I also want to see the descriptions for the discounts in +Local Discounts - Total.

1. Do I need to edit the "Micros 3700 SQL Scripts" to get the descriptions?
2. Is this possible, or does POSLink not allow importing descriptions?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:04 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:56 pm
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The descriptions you are looking for are based on what micros calls "tracking totals" in your point of sale system.
In your example "SYS TRK TTL - New SYS Tracking --Paid Out - TOTAL" the "-Paid Out" part came from your micros setup and the rest was added by GETLinked to tell you what breakdown level it represents (System vs Revenue Center for example).
The blue part of the descriptions above should be the same as what you find on the bottom portion of a daily sales report from micros.

The additional files (TIMEPRDTRK, SERVPRDTRK, RVCTIMEPRD, RVCTIMEPRDTRK, and CMDEP) are optional and simply break down the tracking totals in more detail. For example the TIMEPRDTRK file would have the "-Paid Out" about broken down by different hours of the day. Unless you need to break your accounting down at that detailed level you don't need those additional files and can delete them from the POSLink Location Setup screen.

Finally addressing the problem you want to solve:
It sounds like you want to see the detailed items that make up the "Paid Out - Total" or "Local Discounts - Total" right? (Paid Out 1 + Paid Out 2 = Paid Out - Total)
If you need to track the "Paid Out 1" and "Paid Out 2" individually you would need to work with micros to add them to your daily reports as a tracking total.
The thing you have to watch out for with micros 3700 is that you can only have 64 totals on the report and you will run out of space pretty quickly.

I hope that points you in the right direction and answers your questions about the descriptions and detail totals.
If you have additional questions please respond to this post.

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