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Do you have a demo or trial version of the software?

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Post subject: Do you have a demo or trial version of the software?
Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:36 pm
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Yes. GetLinked Software does provide videos online that you can view. They are videos of the actual software program importing data, validating the transactions and then transferring the balanced entry to a financial accounting program.
Control buttons are provided with Pause, Back, Forward Rewind and more.
POSLink (Daily Sales Summary)
PRLink (PRLink (Payroll)
GLLink (Payroll Journal Entries and Miscellaneous Transactions)

Yes. We do provide a 60 Day "Trial Version" or "Proof of Concept" copy of GetLinked software at our online Store.
"Proof of Concept" is an investment by both parties and is intended for the first-time customer to review GetLinked Software and its capabilities.
We are proud to have developed the interface you are reviewing and appreciate the investment you are making to review it.
Our trial version is our full functioning software subscription for existing interfaces we have developed over the past 30+ years. Just choose the module you want (ex. POSLink, PRLink, etc.) and any available System, Model and Version for your Import and Transfer systems.
  • - We strongly RECOMMEND you purchase one hour (1) of technical support for the first location. This helps us know that you have your point of sale and accounting systems implemented and know that GetLinked software is configured correctly.
    - One hour of technical support provides enough time to install and configure one module, one location for your review of how GetLinked software works.
    - The Registration Keys we provide you will be good for 60 days from the date your order has been processed successfully.
    - The software will allow up to two locations so you can understand how multiple locations can be processed at the same time with the unique configurations you want.
    - "Trial Version" or "Proof of Concept" software consists of interfaces to existing systems. Any additional requests during the demonstration period will be discussed under consulting or development services. See below if you want development or custom work performed.
    - You will have access to our Technical Support site on our web page at
    - Limit of one demo per first time propsects, consultant or personnel reviewing/assisting with an installation.
    - After the trial period you will need to purchase GetLinked Software Subscriptions (GSS) in order for the software to continue functioning through the subscription period (July 1st through June 30th annually).
    - Type in the word "DEMO" in the box labeled “Offer Code” when completing your order ("Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information") at our online Store. This will zero out the price of the 60 Day demo subscription.
Need additional time to evaluate after the "Original" 60 Day trial period has ended? Type in the word "DEMOEXTEND" in the box labeled “Offer Code” when completing your order ("Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information") at our online Store. This will set the DEMO price to $200.00 and extend your software subscription demo for an additional 30 Day period. If any technical support services were purchased with the original transaction, the remainder of that time can be used for assistance with our technical support. Additional support can be purchased during the demo period(s) and good through the subscription expiration date.

If development is required for "Proof of Concept" a quote will be provided before any development begins. We do offer reduced development charges with the purchase of multiple locations. All charges (purchases, support, development fees, etc.) need to be paid for prior to any development starting. Please refer to the Forum topic: Are there any discounts with GetLinked software?

You can view a list of all GetLinked™ Software interfaces at our online Store.


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