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Problems transferring to Quickbooks Online (US or Canadian versions)

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Post subject: Problems transferring to Quickbooks Online (US or Canadian versions)
Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:40 am
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For the past few weeks, my GetLinkd software has not been able to transfer sales data from my Quickbooks online. This happened simultaneously at my two locations which are two different accounts. It tells me that my information has been imported from my Micros POS and shows that it has been transferred on the counter but nothing is showing up online. Any else having this problem?



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Post subject: Re: Problems transferring to Quickbooks Online (US or Canadian versions)
Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:43 pm
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We thank you for the question and the telephone communications with one of our developers earlier today.

We will document the answer for you here so you have a copy of it as well as anyone else inquiring about QuickBooks online (US or Canadian versions).

The answer they provided you is the following:
1. Update your GETLinked Software to the latest version. Your current version of GETLinked Software is a couple of years old. The latest version of GETLinked Software provides you with an error that QuickBooks did not actually transfer correctly. The issue is with your QuickBooks transaction not actually getting into the system even though it stated it was transferred.

2. You need to update your QuickBooks token from inside Getlinked Software. This does require you to purchase the latest GETLinked Software Subscription (GSS) as it looks like it is expired for one of your two locations. Do remember that technical support is sold separately. You can purchase subscriptions and support at our online Store.

NOTE: Starting in 2014 Inuit changed the connection method for QuickBooks Online. For POSLink we provided a similar "Connect" button with QuickBooks Online versions 2014 (called "Harmony") and forward.
Your Intuit connection expires approximately every 120 days so you just need to re-establish the connect:
1. Run GETLinked > Setup > POSLink
2. Choose your Location.
3. Click on the Transfer tab.
4. Click on the Setup button (next to Version).
5. Click on the "Connect" button (If you have lost your connection it should state "Not Connected" in red).

Thank you for the post.

GETLinked Software

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