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Micros 3700 GSS and getlinked

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Post subject: Micros 3700 GSS and getlinked
Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:08 am
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Company Name: Onondaga Cash Register
We want to get customer sales info into peachtree. Do we need the Micros AR module or can this info be had with the "basic" 3700 GSS and are the scripts for retrieving that data in your support scripts?

So to summarize
1. Getlinked will pull the information from the GSS customer file on a daily basis using sql scripts and we do not need the Micros GSS AR module to accomplish this correct??

2. Those sql scripts are or will be available to us so we can generate the file you will need to move into peachtree?

3. The invoice mentioned in the summary data (for Micros) is really just that GSS customer's sales for the day?

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Post subject: Re: Micros 3700 GSS and getlinked
Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:22 pm
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Thank you for the questions and summary.

Question 1: Do we need the Micros AR module...?
Answer 1: No. You do not need the "Micros AR module".
You do need the "Micros 3700 Guest Service Solution (GSS) module. GETLinked Software imports customers and their transactions from the Micros 3700 GSS module.
Micros does have two modules for storing invoice transactions: AR and GSS.

Choose the GETLinked Software Accounts Receivable (ARLink) module when ordering your subscription at our online Store. GETLinked Software will import your customers and their data from Micros GSS on a "daily basis" (weekly, monthly, etc. basis also allowed) then transfer the valid transactions into your financial accounting software (ex. QuickBooks, etc.) to age and send out statements to members/customers.

Question 2: Are the scripts for retrieving that data in your support scripts?
Answer 2: Yes. The Micros GSS SQL scripts are available at our online Support site. This site is available to all current customers.

Thank you for your questions.

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