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Does GetLinked Software Accounts Payable module import Summary or Detail Invoice (Voucher) data?

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Post subject: Does GetLinked Software Accounts Payable module import Summary or Detail Invoice (Voucher) data?
Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:37 pm
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GetLinked Software Accounts Payable (APLink) module imports and transfers "Summary" Invoice (Voucher) data.

Summary data includes the following:
Vendor Number
Vendor Name
Invoice Date
Invoice Number
Invoice Total ($1,000.00)
Invoice data (Ex. Meat/Poultry Products=$500.00, Alcohol=$300.00, Supplies=$175.00, Freight=$25.00, etc.)

Detail items are NOT imported from each Invoice (Ex. 4 Prime Ribs, 7 Chicken Breasts, 250 Paper Plates, etc.). GetLinked Software APLink module does not function as an Inventory Control system either (ex. purchasing or procurement system, inventory usage, costing, re-order, warehousing, etc.)

GetLinked Software APLink module can be installed Stand-Alone at each location if you do not have a voucher entry system installed with your Point of Sale system. The manager or store personnel can input their vouchers into GetLinked Software at each location and the APLink module will import, validate and transfer each location's vouchers into your corporate accounts payable system.

Purchases that are recorded through daily sales are imported into GetLinked Software as “Petty Cash” transactions (through the POSLink module) since cash is most commonly used from the "till" to pay for these transactions. These transactions usually lack the Voucher information (ex. Vendor Number, Invoice #, Summary data, etc.) needed for accrual purposes. Voucher information typed into point of sale comment and reference fields do not create valid transactions needed in the accounting system. Customers wanting to track purchases from their point of sale system use the GetLinked Software APLink module.

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