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What makes GetLinked Software so unique?

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Post subject: What makes GetLinked Software so unique?
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:23 pm
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GetLinked™ Software does more than import POS and other remote data. It validates all the POS information being imported as well as all the financial data that is transferred to the financial accounting system. It asks questions such as: Does the account number exist? Does the journal entry balance? Does the detail distribution of the invoice equal the total invoice? As of today, there are not many comparative software products that offer these same intellectual properties and features.

Some financial accounting systems have import tools that require you to program the import format with one record per import and all records defined the same. If the data is incorrect or in the incorrect field position, import tools will either stop working or import incorrect data and require you to reprogram them. Import tools are data movers, not financial analyst tools. GetLinked Software can read multiple tables, files and records to verify that account numbers exist, customers exist, vendors exist, and employees have the correct Pay Rate and then compile a balanced transaction. These are a few of the intelligent features that make GetLinked Software stand out as a financial data integration tool. GetLinked Software is a Financial Import Utility with a brain!

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