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Who is the ideal customer and what industries benefit the most from using GetLinked Software and services?

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Post subject: Who is the ideal customer and what industries benefit the most from using GetLinked Software and services?
Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:25 am
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The ideal customer for GetLinked Software ranges from small businesses to large corporations needing automated financial integration from their front of house or online store to their back office financial accounting systems.

These systems can include daily sales, payroll, receivables, payables, general journal entries, bank reconciliation and more.

There are two primary customer types that GetLinked Software targets and that receive the most benefit from the software and services offered:

1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) - The customer that is willing to research and implement GetLinked® software themselves. These customers know the value of GetLinked® software either through previously trying to develop integrations themselves or using other various products or methods of financial integration (ex. knowledgeable accountants, IT, franchise owners with experience in integration, etc.). This group will read through all of our Forum topics needed and web site information, purchase and implement on their own. Occasionally they will purchase Technical Support to either speed up the implementation process with our knowledgeable technicians or want assistance with unique issues (ex. advice on firewalls for polling data, etc.). Polling of data can be the longest and hardest process of setup and needs to be done before GetLinked Software can operate. This is where computer technicians can assist the most in automating this process on a daily basis. GetLinked installation is usually the easiest and fastest process of setup.
Everything you need to know about GetLinked® software has been documented and easily searchable on our Forum and web sites.

2. Red Carpet Service - The customer that understands the value of our GetLinked Software and our knowledge of the industry, especially the thousands of system details. This customer wants more and is willing to pay for the added value of us personally explaining the industry, processes, products available and the benefits of financial accounting integration. These customers (ex. large franchising corporations, accounting firms, industry consultants, etc.) highly value their time and purchase our added services of “Consultation” and "Technical Support" to achieve the fastest and most efficient implementation possible. Consultation and Technical support time is sold on an hourly basis at our online Store. Any remaining Consultation time is carried over to Technical Support time if the customer purchases software or development within the current annual GetLinked® Software Subscription (GSS) year.

GetLinked Software offers many industry solutions:
Hotels and Resorts
Public and Private Clubs
Stadiums and Arenas
Casinos and Entertainment Venues
Health and Fitness
Car Wash Industry
Accounting Firms and Bookkeepers
Payroll Service Providers
Institutional Food Services

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
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