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What are the most common interfaces requested with GetLinked software? Where can I get a list of the interfaces?

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Post subject: What are the most common interfaces requested with GetLinked software? Where can I get a list of the interfaces?
Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:44 am
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Daily Sale Summary (POSLink) and Payroll (PRLink) subscriptions are the most common interfaces with GetLinked software.

Most restaurants, hotels, resorts, private clubs, etc. want to know the basics first:
1. What are my revenues and costs (POSLink module)?
2. How can I process my payroll faster and more efficiently (PRLink module)? Be aware that with payroll there are many payroll processors that do business under a different name then the software they use to process your payroll with (ex. ABC Payroll Service using Millennium or Evolution software).

3. The next most common interface is General Ledger Miscellaneous Imports (GLLink) subscription. This module imports financial accounting data such as the cost of processing payroll (debits and credits journal entry) from your payroll service provider after payroll has been processed for you. This eliminates the manual entry into your General Ledger for the company's summarized payroll processing. It is also used for Miscellaneous entries customers do not want to hand key into their accounting system such as store expenses provided by managers, etc.

4. Accounts Payable: Used to import purchases from suppliers electronically. Interfaces to many supplier systems such as US Foods (Sysco), CBord and more. This module can also run as a stand-alone module with GetLinked software providing its own input screen for entering invoice totals. See our Forum topic on this specific module: Does GETLinked Software have a payables module that works "Stand-Alone" and with different suppliers' invoices (Vouchers)?

5. Accounts Receivable: Used to import customer charges and used in many public and private clubs (Ex. Yachting, Golf, Country, Resort, Cruise lines, etc.).

You can find a list of our common Interfaces on our web site or visit our online Store. There are over 1300 interfaces for point of sale, time clock, accounting and payroll systems and services available.

If you cannot find your specific system then you can contact us here: I have an additional question that I could not find an answer to. How should I communicate my question and find an answer?

When ready you can purchase subscription and services directly at our online Store.

GETLinked Software has the following interfaces available by module (annual GETLinked Software Subscriptions):
Daily Sale Summary (POSLink)
Payroll (PRLink)
Accounts Receivable (ARLink)
Accounts Payable (APLink)
General Ledger (GLLink - For miscellaneous entries)

You can view a list of GETLinked Software interfaces and features through the links provided below:

Please review other related Forum topics for more details:
How can I find the model and version of my system that GETLinked Software works with?

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