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How does the subscription work per location and other costs? What are the benefits of keeping my subscription current?

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Post subject: How does the subscription work per location and other costs? What are the benefits of keeping my subscription current?
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:28 pm
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GetLinked Software Subscriptions (GSS) are:
  • - Licensed on an “ANNUAL” basis.
    - First year subscriptions have a retail price of $499.00 for most modules. See our online Store for today's price.
    - There are some interfaces for specific industries (ex. Health and Fitness systems) that have different subscription prices. Please contact us or search or Forum topics for (ex. "Fitness") for more details on these interfaces.
    - The annual subscription period is from July 1st through June 30th.
    - "Pro-Rated" on a daily basis. The actual subscription price is less than a $1.37 per day for most modules.
    - You only pay for the actual subscription from the time you purchased through June 30th. If you choose not to use the software for any reason (ex. close a location, etc.) during the subscription period your subscription stays active until the end of the period with no pro-rated refunds. Make sure you do not purchase a subscription for the next year if not needed.
    - Priced per location (Profit Center), per module (ex. Sales, Payroll, Payables, Receivables, etc.) and required for all customers in order to use the software.
    - All interfaces for all systems are included in the annual subscription (ex. Square, Micros, Aloha, QuickBooks, MAS 90/200/500, ADP, Paychex, US Foods, Sysco, etc.) per module.
    - There are over 1300 interfaces available.
  • - The number of locations is the number of entities you need linked (ex. Store 1, store 2, etc.).
    - The number of locations you require may be higher depending upon how you have configured your specific point of sale or timeclock system (ex. Separate point of sale systems in a casino, resort, airport, etc.).
    - Some systems may have break-downs within each location (ex. Revenue Centers, Tracking Groups, Dining Room, Bar, Drive-Up window, etc.).

You can choose what operations you need at each location (ex. Daily Sales, Payroll, etc.) and subscribe to just those functions. The annual subscription includes access to software updates, enhancements, online documentation, support topics and the technical areas of this Forum. ALL software subscription licenses go from July 1st through June 30th annually. The software will automatically notify you prior to the expiration date and direct you to our online store. ALL SOFTWARE IS SOLD “AS IS”. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED! PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE!

For today's "Pro-Rated" subscription price please visit our online Store.

Telephone Support is also available and sold separately if needed for current customers. It can be purchased on an hourly basis at our online Store under Support.

Most customers proficient with computers and bookkeeping can follow the documentation provided with the software subscription.
If you are not proficient or comfortable with these technical skills then we recommend purchasing support from our technical staff to train and assist you over the telephone and using remote control software.

Support is purchased by the hour at our online store under SUPPORT. English is the language spoken and supported. It is recommended to initially purchase one hour per accounting function (ex. 1 hour for POSLink, 1 hour for PRLink, etc.) for the first location. You can assess your additional needs (ex. multiple locations, additional training sessions such as extra personnel, outside consultants and auditors) at a later time and purchase additional support online. Support includes installation, training on how GetLinked software functions and initial setup (ex. showing you how to assign a couple account numbers, employees, etc.). Your accountant continues from there setting up GetLinked software as they need it for the specific company.

While we cannot know the future changes from Point of Sale, Time Clock, Accounting Systems and other manufacturers, the objective of our GetLinked Software Subscription (GSS) Program is to provide updates to our current customers for changes affecting their interfaces (ex. Point of Sale, Accounting and Payroll Service updates).

Some of the benefits of keeping your subscription current with GetLinked software are:
- Continued financial integration that you depend on using GetLinked software . GetLinked software is an annual subscription and will stop when the subscription period has ended.
- Software updates for GetLinked software when your Point of Sale, Accounting and Payroll Service systems change on you.
- Access to our web site including TechKnowledge and Downloads.
- Access to our Technical Support Staff. Support is sold on an hourly basis to current customers. ALL SERVICES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
How does technical support and the reserved Forum site work with GetLinked software ?
I am ready to purchase GetLinked software . What steps do I follow to purchase the software and support?

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