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GetLinked Software interfaces with Square point of sale system. How does it work and what are the steps to get started?

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Post subject: GetLinked Software interfaces with Square point of sale system. How does it work and what are the steps to get started?
Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:04 pm
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Yes, GetLinked Software does interface with Square and functions by module (ex. daily sales, payroll, etc.).

First, let us show you just some of what GetLinked Software will do for you!
The following sample screens show some import features and capabilities of the POSLink module (Daily Sales Summary) with Square:
[ img ]

Below is information and a checklist for you to get started:
Square and GetLinked software are connected through an API (Application Program Interface). This is a direct link that GetLinked Software imports transactions from the Square system.

Some of the information that can be imported is:
  • - System Totals
    - Category Sales
    - Device Totals
    - Discounts
    - Gift Certificates
    - Tenders
    - Taxes
    - Paid Ins/Outs
    - Miscellaneous and Other Income and Expenses
GetLinked Software imports this data, arranges in a financial format, validates it and transfers a balanced journal entry to your accounting system electronically.

GetLinked Software includes:
- Ability to import a single day or multiple days at one time.
- Annual subscription costs less than $1.29 per day at the annual retail price ($469.00). The annual GSS pricing after the first year has been discounted as low as $269.00 (less than 74¢ per day) for active customers who continue to purchase annual subscriptions without interruption or non-payment. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. How much money can GetLinked Software save me annually?
- Editing capabilities once your transactions are imported into GetLinked Software. You can review and edit transactions if needed before you transfer them to your accounting system.
- Calculations for amounts such as Over/Short. You set the variance amount and it will calculate it automatically.
- Internal controls to prevent double-transfers of transactions.
- Over-ride capabilities for authorized personnel to re-import and transfer balanced transactions.
- Counters to track number of times transactions have been imported and transferred.
- Active customers have access to our Customer Login site for downloading GetLinked Software and technical documentation that includes basic installation, setup and daily processing procedures.
- MORE...

Checklist to get started:
  • 1. Click here for our online Store. The Daily Sales Summary ("POSLink") is the module most customers purchase initially. To get started, most customers purchase one hour of support to receive telephone and remote assistance from our technical support staff. They then evaluate if they want to implement the rest of the locations or modules themselves or continue to have our technicians assist with installation and training. You can purchase your subscription and all services at our online store.

    2. Telephone technical support is available and sold separately if needed for current customers. It can be purchased on an hourly basis at our online Store under Support. ALL SERVICES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.
    If you purchase telephone support our technicians will set an appointment with you via telephone (and remote control) to load the GetLinked Software and train you and your staff. The initial installation usually takes about an hour over the telephone and that is the amount of technical support we recommend you purchase for your initial location.
    Please review the topics listed below for details on the subscription and services.
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