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Does GetLinked software interface with Peoplesoft, SAP or other enterprise systems?

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Post subject: Does GetLinked software interface with Peoplesoft, SAP or other enterprise systems?
Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:58 am
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Yes GetLinked software does interface to financial accounting systems such as Peoplesoft, SAP (ERP and Business One) as well as other systems.

GetLinked software provides enterprise systems with specific "direct" interfaces or ASCII exports that match the manufacturers layout. The majority of customers with enterprise systems use the ASCII exports because of their need for security and the control over the data before it enters their accounting systems.

GetLinked software exports journal entries in ASCII export that provide the perfect combination of balanced transactions and control over the data integrity while still automating the accounting process. These prepared files can be reviewed prior to importing them into your accounting system and internal controls can be administered within your own accounting system. You get to maintain data integrity while still automating your accounting operations. We do provide additional consulting and implementation services if needed for unique importing requests.

SAP Business One accepts and prefers an ASCII file (ex. CSV, TAB, DIF, SYNK, etc.) format that GetLinked software provides. CSV (“Comma Separated Variable”) seems to be the preferred format for SAP Business One. Other SAP products also accept these file formats including SAP ERP. We have found this interface method to work even though there are other ways to interface with SAP.

You can view a list of GetLinked Software interfaces and features through the links provided below:

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