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How does GetLinked Software interface from Micros Opera?

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Post subject: How does GetLinked Software interface from Micros Opera?
Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:53 pm
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GetLinked Software interfaces FROM Micros Opera in two ways:
Through Micros 3700 Tracking Groups OR directly from Opera.

Micros Opera can be found at our online Store under:
Subscription: Daily Sales Summary (POSLink - ...).
Import System: Micros
Import Model: Opera
Import Version: vx.x

Opera is the front end property management software that is connected TO Micros 3700. Micros sets up, maintains and is solely responsible for the interface between their two products (Micros 3700 and Micros Opera). You may need to contact Micros or visit their web site for detail explanations of the inter-workings between 3700 and Opera.

GetLinked Software operates the same way when installed with Micros 3700 stand-alone or with Opera attached.

GetLinked Software imports the Micros 3700 Tracking Groups (64 total) that are defined within Micros 3700. The customer defines and sets up categories that define Opera (ex. Tracking Group 5 = Hotel-Room Service, etc.). GetLinked Software imports these Tracking Groups and the transaction amounts to create balanced journal entries into your financial accounting system.

To know that the Opera system has been interfaced with your Micros 3700 point of sale system you can run a Micros daily store report and view the descriptions on the report with amounts (ex. Hotel-Room Service $757.34). This transaction is what GetLinked Software will import for you to transfer to your accounting system.

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