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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:36 am 

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Yes, GETLinked Software can import employee time (hours and minutes) and TIPS into QuickBooks (Desktop version) payroll.

By default QuickBooks payroll only imports time, however GETLinked Software has created a unique import feature to also accommodate tips (or other dollar amounts such as "Piecework" pay types) for our customers.
Many of our customers do use tips as part of their payroll.

(System Setup Time Estimate: 5 minutes. Attaching to individual employees will vary based on the number of employees receiving Tips.)

To get started you will need to create a new Payroll Wage Item in QuickBooks:
  1. Choose Lists > Payroll Item List from the QuickBooks main menu.
  2. Chose New from the Payroll Item menu.
  3. Choose Custom Setup and click Next.

  4. Choose Wage and click Next.

  5. Choose Hourly Wages and click Next. (GETLinked Software will convert the Tips to an Hourly Wage.)

  6. Choose Regular Pay and click Next.

  7. Name the new payroll item. In our example we will call it Tips. Click Next when you are done.

  8. Choose your payroll expense account and click Finish.

Next you need to assign the newly created payroll wage item to the employees that will receive tips:
  1. Open the Employee Center.
  2. Right click on the first employee that will receive tips and choose Edit Employee.

  3. Click the Payroll Info Tab.
  4. Add your new payroll wage item to the bottom of the EARNINGS list.
  5. Set the Hourly Rate to $0.60.
  6. Double check that Use time data to create paychecks option is checked.

  7. Click OK to close the Edit Employee screen and repeat this process for any other employees that will receive tips.

The next step is to import and assign the new payroll wage item in GETLinked Software:
  1. Open GETLinked Software and choose Setup > PRLink > Location from the GETLinked Software main menu.
  2. Select your location and click the Transfer Data button at the bottom right.

  3. Click the Setup button next to the QuickBooks version dropdowns.

  4. Click the Setup button next to Import Pay Codes.
  5. Follow the prompts and the new pay codes will be imported.
  6. When finished you will receive a message stating that new pay codes were imported.
  7. Close all of the setup windows until you are back at the main GETLinked Software main window.

The final setup step is to map the payroll wage item from QuickBooks to the Tips pay code coming from your POS/Timeclock system:
  1. Choose Setup > PRLink > Pay Codes from the GETLinked main menu.

  2. Select your location choose the Imported Pay/Ded Code that you want to transfer. Click on it.
  3. Using the Assigned Pay/Ded Code lookup button (magnifying glass) select the new payroll wage item you imported from QuickBooks.
  4. The new payroll wage item should display in the Assigned Pay/Ded Code field. (See "80000020-1544899951" in the example below).
  5. Repeat this process for any other pay codes you need to map.
  6. Click Save and close the Payroll Pay/Ded Code Setup window when you are done.

Import payroll as you normally would. If you check the Payroll Import screen (PRLink > Payroll Import) you will see the tip lines now have the Pay/Ded Code from QuickBooks (See 800000020-1544899951 = "CHARGED TIPS" in the example below).

Transfer payroll as you normally would. GETLinked Software will a)convert the dollar amounts into the correct time (hours and minutes) and b)transfer them into QuickBooks payroll.

In Quickbooks you can verify the "Tips" by checking the employee Weekly Timesheet. It is normal to see hundreds or thousands of hours (ex. 597 hours and 1 minute in the screenshot below) for large dollar amounts.

When you process payroll in QuickBooks the "Tips" hours and minutes will be converted back into the correct dollar amounts on the employee paychecks.
(ex. The screenshot below shows the check detail for Elizabeth N. Mason showing that the 597 hours and 1 minute were converted back into the $358.21 from the point of sale system)

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