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How do I use the online Store?

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Post subject: How do I use the online Store?
Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:11 pm
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To purchase an annual GetLinked Software Subscription (GSS) and services click on our online store account information:
1. Go to Store.

2. New Customers:
  • - Click on Register under the "New Customer" section.
  • Returning Customers:
    - Click on "Log In" (upper right hand corner of window).
    - Type in your registered Email address and Password under the “Returning Customer” section.
    - Make sure to use the "Store" login information you originally created. Your support and download login information is separate and is not the same login information.
    - The Store login (email address and password) are created by our customers and maintained by them.

    (Forgot your password? Click on Forgot your password? link and your password will be emailed to the registered email address).
  • - Most customers with multiple locations purchase under one (1) store account.
    - The only time customers use separate accounts are when the software is owned by separate companies and installed at separate locations.
    - If you want separate companies with separate computer installations then you must setup separate accounts with separate logins (email addresses).
3. Click on Subscriptions and Support as needed.
Example: Subscriptions
- Choose from the drop-down lists for both:
  • "Import" (IN from your point of sale or time clock systems).
    "Transfer" (OUT to your financial systems).

    Choose the System, Model and Version of the software you are trying to interface.

    You will need to verify what point of sale and financial systems your use. Please contact your dealers on what systems they sold you including the System, Model and Version for all your point of sale, time clock and financial systems. Some systems do not have any Model and Version number and our online store provides a choice of "N/A-Not Applicable" for those systems. GetLinked software does link with most systems in the marketplace so once you know your specific system you can verify with us if you have a different product name, model or version (Example: Many payroll service providers use the same software called "Millennium" or "Evolution" under their own company name).
- Type in the number of subscriptions (locations) needed. Each location does require a subscription in order to interface. Click on "Add to cart" when ready.

- "Your Shopping Cart Contents" window will display and allow you to edit your cart. Follow the icons and instructions for changes such as changing the quantity, removing items, reviewing item details, etc. Make sure you purchase telephone technical support if needed. Click on "Go to checkout" when ready.

- "Payment Information" window will display. You can edit and review your billing address, order total and payment method. Remember you must accept the "Terms and Conditions" for the "Order" and the "Payment Method" to proceed. Click on "Continue checkout" when ready.

- "Order Confirmation" window will display. You can edit the detail items, review the billing address again, payment method and order total. Click on "Confirm the order" when ready.

Your order is complete. You will receive a confirmation of your order. Your order will be processed as soon as possible and you will then receive Registration Keys and access to our Download and Support site.

Please note that orders for any of the "Technical Support" items without an active subscription will not be processed.
Consultation services are used for "Pre-sales" discussion/integration needs.

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