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What interfaces does GETLinked Software provide?

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Post subject: What interfaces does GETLinked Software provide?
Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:06 pm
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GetLinked Software is provided as an annual subscription and has over 1300 interfaces for point of sale, time clock, accounting and payroll systems and services.

Daily Sale Summary (POSLink)
Payroll (PRLink)
Accounts Receivable (ARLink)
Accounts Payable (APLink)
General Ledger (GLLink - For miscellaneous entries. Example: Payroll Service Providers' summary journal entry).

When you purchase an annual GetLinked Software Subscription (GSS) and are an active customer you receive:
- ALL interfaces for the specific module.
- Access to our Forum.
- Access to our Technical Support site for documentation.
- Option to purchase your own personalized technical support (telephone and remote access). This service is only available to active customers.

You can view a list of GetLinked Software interfaces and features through the links provided below:
- View detail explanations for each module.

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
How does technical support and the Forum site work with GETLinked Software?

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