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What is Consultation time used for with GETLinked Software?

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Post subject: What is Consultation time used for with GETLinked Software?
Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:09 am
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Consultation time can be used for any discussion topic (ex. Your unique point of sale/payroll system, product and site reviews, lapsed subscriptions, general questions), advanced education (ex. Wanting more information beyond all our documented web site information, Demonstration and discussion of GETLinked Software) or review of a new interface that has been requested.

With our currently low price we provide consulting time as a paid service for those prospect/customers that know the true costs to interface systems and are ready to make an investment in their interfaces.

If development is required we will provide you with a quote and then apply any “Consultation” charges paid toward that development if purchased within the offered time on the quote. On your quote will be a line labeled "Interface Fee" that is the fee for the development of the interface. This fee is a one-time fee in most cases, unless described otherwise.

Our existing customers have found this to be a worthwhile service and it helps us keep everyone's costs down. We provide knowledge for prospects, existing customers, consultants and more when they want that special attention in addressing their questions and needs. We have also provided a online demo. Most accountants, controllers and anyone in our focus market of accounting/bookkeeping review this demo and then understand what GETLinked Software can do for them or their clients. The majority then purchase a subscription to implement or review for themselves. We have provided a link to our demo topic below.

If you know you have advanced functionality needs or just want an expert to talk to via the telephone we will gladly consult with you. We do charge for our consulting time as customers have unique requests requiring expert knowledge and/or development. If you still need to consult with one of our experts after reviewing all the information provided you can purchase Consultation time (recommended one hour initially) at our online Store.

We recommend any Point of Sale Reseller, Accountant, Payroll Service Provider or Consultants review the Forum topics below pertaining to their objectives.

As soon as your order is processed we will contact you to schedule your requested conference call or consultation.

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