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Can I use GETLinked Software to interface Micros Guest Service Solution (GSS) for payroll deductions?

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Post subject: Can I use GETLinked Software to interface Micros Guest Service Solution (GSS) for payroll deductions?
Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:53 pm
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Yes. GETLinked Software does interface Micros Guest Service Solution (GSS) to certain payroll systems and payroll service providers. Please check our online Store for available systems.

Companies and hospitals are using Micros GSS in their employee cafeterias and wanting purchases auto-withdrawn from employees paychecks either through their internal payroll software or outsourced payroll service providers (ex. ADP).

Note there can be additional charges or location subscriptions required if you need unique or advanced functionalities:
Basic functionality: Employee meal deduction.
Advanced functionality: Deductions grouped by badge numbers, company location, Bi-directional employee imports (FROM/TO GSS), etc.

GETLinked Software Subscription (GSS) is required for each Micros location. You can purchase subscriptions directly from our online Store.

If you know you have advanced functionality needs we will gladly consult with you. We do charge for our consulting time as customers have unique requests requiring expert knowledge and/or development. If you still need to consult with one of our experts after reviewing all the information provided you can purchase "Consultation" time under the SUPPORT tab at our online store.

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
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How does the subscription work per location and other costs?
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