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Does GetLinked Software interface Accounts Receviables (Customer Charges)?

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Post subject: Does GetLinked Software interface Accounts Receviables (Customer Charges)?
Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:24 pm
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Yes, GetLinked Software does import Customer charges (Member of House Account) transactions from many Point of Sale systems (ex. Micros, Aloha, Digital Dining, Caterease, Future POS, etc.).

The GetLinked Software "ARLink" module provides you with the ability to electronically transfer customer summary invoices FROM your point of sale TO your financial Accounts Receivable. This allows you to then age and send customer statements on a regular basis (ex, monthly, etc.) from you financial system. GetLinked Software does not replace or duplicate your point of sale invoicing (ex. register, online ordering, detail item invoicing, inventory or customer maintenance, etc.) or financial accounting functions.

To see specific types of data transferred refer to the Forum question: Does GETLinked Software Accounts Receivable module transfer Summary or Detail Invoice (Voucher) data?

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
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