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DCRS LogoIn the world today, people are often quick to point out problems and deficiencies, and rarely take the time to recognize things done well.

Since we have worked with you at Accounting Solutions, Inc. for many years, this note is long overdue. We cannot say enough about the recent “problem solving” that you, your staff, and your GetLinked Software provided to one of our largest accounts.

As you know, this 10,000 seat arena, with a 50 terminal MICROS 9700 system, had some very specific needs when it came to payroll export and interface. Without your multiple solutions, some key personnel at this customer site would not be near as happy! Although a very large team of ours was responsible for much of the success at this large arena project, your solutions helped insure the site’s final satisfaction.

You have a great product at a reasonable price, but your knowledge of customer integration needs, and your delivery, always make it easy for me to refer other POS dealers to you.

Rest assured that I will continue to refer dealers and customers to you.

Thanks again for taking care of our customer.

- Steve Kramer
President, DCRS Solutions


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I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for providing us with a much needed software solution like GetLinked to link our FoodTrak system with our Great Plains Dynamics accounting System.

You and your staff were extremely helpful with the implementation and training of the program. The install was a snap, the program loaded seamlessly with Great Plains Dynamics and looks and works just like it was an integral part of the original Dynamics software!

GetLinked is quick and easy to use…just a click of a button and all of our invoices are imported and entered automatically. No more double-entry of invoices, and the edit feature also flags invoices that have been previously entered, so we’re sure that we’re not double paying someone.

GetLinked has saved us hours and hours of data entry, and has dramatically improved the efficiency of our operations.

Thanks again for a fantastic program!!!


- Jim Schander
Business Manager, Cuisine Concepts


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AFS Accounting and Financial Services LogoThis letter is in response to your request for my overall evaluation of your software. In 1994, I began a search for software that would be Windows based and have the power and capabilities to move our accounting processing into the 21st century. The search process narrowed the choice down to few companies that could handle the base accounting processing needs. However, none of the choices could handle the integration of POS (Point of Sale) systems data with that of the base accounting software. Third party developers were not able to meet the challenge either until Accounting Solutions, Inc; (ASI) came onto the scene.

GetLinked has proven to be a great and dependable product for the complete integration of polled data into a general ledger accounting package.

For the mere fact that McDonald’s Corporation did not have a viable solution for the polling of our 40 McDonald’s restaurants we support, I feel that GetLinked is a unique product. If you recall, I had serious concerns with the original pricing of the product. Obviously I thought the product cost too much, but Great Plains really did not have a feel on how to handle reference pricing, distribution, etc. Once again this all lends itself to the uniqueness and customization of the GetLinked product.

The business world is constantly looking at the cost/benefit relationship in contemplating financial decisions. In my opinion, where a McDonald’s operator, owning 15 stores for example, is manually dealing with the sales data significant dollars can be achieved. Couple this with the potential of labor savings in the payroll area also, I would estimate that a full time to a full time and a half position would be eliminated. The smaller operator would realize considerable savings by moving to an automated approach. Second the savings issue, there is a remarkable improvement in the accuracy of the data.

- David T. Aibers


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We have recently been introduced to a new product called GetLinked.

GetLinked creates a link between a restaurants point of sale (POS) system and our Great Plains Dynamics accounting modules. The sales information from our POS system is directly imported into our General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation (checkbook).
GetLinked also retains store information for sales reports, contains modifiable reports, and is flexible in handling a single store or an unlimited number of stores. Being able to update our accounting system with GetLinked, helps us manage cash flow better and reduces back office labor hours and mistakes. With our initial use of GetLinked, we have been impressed with its capabilities and flexibility.

We are looking forward to the next release and additional features in upcoming updates of GetLinked.

- Richard M. Darmody
Owner/Operator, President, Darmody Enterprises, Ltd.

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